Rick Owens Men's S/S 2015 thoughts

The past few seasons we've been presented with and shocked by the collections put forth from Rick Owens. In a return to the traditional runway format the shock from this collection instead came from the clothing (and possibly painted men). All I could think about when I first saw it was Julius Caesar ruling the Roman Empire, but 1000 years in the future and on Mars. I've included of a few images of my favourite looks. You can view the full collection here and a video here.

To get it out of the way, the new adidas x Rick Owens sneakers just looks messy and odd to me. Granted, I am not the target consumer for that collaboration, but I know I wasn't the only one thinking "moon boots" with those metallic fabrics. Rick Owens has certain elements and silhouettes which are distinctly recognizable and they can all be clearly identified in this presentation. We've seen boxy tunics, denim, metallics and restricted outerwear in previous collections. We've even seen these colours used by Rick before, though a lot of us seem to forget this when staring into our black wardrobes. I don't doubt that most pieces will be bought and worn in black.

Standing alone, the styling of this collection works well, as always. I believe the paintings embroidered on the tunics were all done by a friend of Rick Owens. I hate having to give up my jackets in Summer, and if I could simply drape them over my shoulder like a tunic I'd probably do so (to prevent separation anxiety when the heat tears me from my babies). There are even a few pieces I don't mind on their own, but I'm not liking the shorts being pulled into place by a length of fabric. In the context of the Rick Owens world it is no surprise, but doesn't stand out as a memorable collection. I feel as though Rick is simply taking his established elements and having a lot of fun with them, rather than focusing on developing new honed and distinct collections. Fair enough, but I hope he makes a return. Most of us ladies will also be curious as to how the women's collection will translate. Let's together raise our black blistered leather flags as a sign of hope and solidarity.

All photos from style.com

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Gracia Ventus said...

The loin shorts! They threatened to assault my eyes. So much skin! Aaahhh...

Jokes aside I like the embroidered pieces most. The colour scheme was a puke fest and I'm certainly not fond of the moon boots, especially not the soles.

Mia said...

Before I saw good quality photos I thought the embroidery looked horrible. Closer inspection revealed otherwise. As for the colour scheme, surely Rick intends it to be off-putting...?

With you on the soles. And the rest of the shoe. I've grown to accept the previous ROxadidas collaboration, but I can't see myself finding these attractive anytime soon.

melissa said...

Always creative, allays something interesting to look(and wear).


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